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Our Spanish school in Tulum Mexico offers different tyes of language courses. Our course offer is quite simple to understand but with a high quality of content and education. All courses will take place with people of your same level and start every Monday all year round.

We offer the following types of Spanish courses at our Tulum School:



This course consists in 4 hours of lessons, 60 minutes each, from Monday to Friday with students of your same level. There are 6 different levels, and you can take from 1 week, each level is completed in 4 weeks.

Course price includes 2 hours per week of yoga class and cooking or dancing.


This is an upgrade to the standard course, which consists in the standard course plus 2 extra private lessons per day. This course is recommended for students who want to improve specifics parts of their Spanish or move faster. Its a total of 30 hours per week: 20 in group and 10 private.

Course price includes 2 hours per week of yoga class and cooking or dancing.


This is the course that we recommend to students who want to specialize in topics such as politics, business, medicine, education, etc.

KIDS LESSONS Kids below 16 are placed in the same group. Its 4 hours per day with special material for kids. We recommend this course for instance to families who travel, the adults can be in the normal group and kids will be placed separately.
PRIVATE LESSONS We also offer private lessons, of 60 minutes each, with a minumum of 5 lessons per week.


The typical schedule for the courses would be:

Standard course: 10am - 2pm Monday to Friday

Super intensive course: 10am-2pm plus either 8am-10am or 3-5pm Monday to Friday

Private: student gets to choose time

All ages are welcome, we try to place students over 16 together. Children under 16 will be placed in separate groups.

The typical structure of the course would include grammar, conversation, vocabulary, reading and writing. Students are awarded a certificate after each course.

Our extra curricular activities provide students with excellent opportunities to further develop their Spanish skills.

Additionally, these are the 6 different levels of courses we offer:

A1 and A2: These are the beginner courses. A1 focuses on basic conversation topics and basic grammar. A1 students are complete beginners in Spanish.

A2 focuses on improving the knowledge of different tenses and comunication skills. After completing A2 a student would be capable of holding basic conversations such as situations in restaurants, shopping etc.

B1 and B2: These intermediate levels focus on more complex tenses and irregular verbs, conversation topics get more complex as well, and groups have discussions on different issues to promote the use of Spanish. After completing both levels students would be able to handle most conversation topics and discussions.

C1 and C2: These are the advanced levels in which students polish their skills and some of them might look for a job in Spanish, ohers are proficient writers and able to manage complex conversation topics, even using Mexican slang.


Every Monday, registration takes place at 9,15am. Students should bring an ID and will optionally take a placement examination to determine their level of Spanish. We know at times nerves might betray our students so they are free to change to another level anytime.